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About capitalassetinvestment.com

Capital Asset Investment is a professional investment corporation engaged in stock market, crypto-exchange market, Forex Trade, oil & gas, and gold trading. Our goal at Capital Asset Investment is to provide our clients with a comprehensive market with new resources. Whether you have limited experience in foreign exchange trade or gold trade or that you are interested in the stock market; we open a professional market which is attracting investors from all over the world. Capital Asset Investment stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network which empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions.

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WHY capitalassetinvestment.com?

Riskk Averse- Capital asset ensures risk averse, we make sure you are not exposed to unnecessary risk that comes up during investments. Simple- Every section is completely easy-to-pick for beginners yet with ultimated advanced trading features thanks to an intuitive and secure API manager. Transparency-All investment packages are reliably designed for investors and it is clearly understandable and easy to comprehend.


Secure Wallet

All deposits are received,traded and sent using End-to-end encryption(E2EE) mode. We ensure complete safety measures on all deposits made directly to the company’s wallet addresses and withdrawals sent out to investors wallet address too.


Zero Stress

Our Expert team of traders takes care of your investments immediately it is deposited via your account. We have set up a professional team well trained to execute trades and ensure deposits(investments) are put to good use and also guarantee steady profits and withdrawals on all investments.


24/7 Support

Our Help desk team are always active to help you out.


Friendly & Profitale Plans

We ensured a friendly and profitable investment plans to suit and serve all level of investors worldwide.


Auto Trading

Immediately your deposit is confirmed by the deposit department, it will be activated and trading starts instantly depending on the investment plan selected. You will be notified by mail immediately your trade kicks off(investment becomes active).


Fast Payout

Our withdrawal department offers payments instantly, immediately each trade is completed. Only if requested by the investor.

Our Process Distribution

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading.

  • User Investment
  • Auto Trading launched
  • Trade Achieve
  • Capital Return TO User
  • User Withdrawal Automatic Payout

Mobile Friendly

Once you've entered into our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global marketplace.


Our Roadmap

March 2018

We started capitalassetinvestment.com and worked on creating a robust platform for efficient trading.

July 2018

Consolidating our holds in the market with major diversification into emerging currencies.

September 2018

capitalassetinvestment.com kicks off it's trading platform.

November 2018

Building on a consolidated market share running on a connected system

January 2019

Building on a strong portfolio for vibrant profitable trade.

March 2019

Workable synergy in the market with the initial launch of capitalassetinvestment.com


we are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Lucas Stewart

Australia Representative


Lucas Stewart

Australia Representative

A Father , works as a Manager in a construction company, own a co trading company and also into Real estate, stock and crypto currencies


Frank Nguyen

Managing Director


Frank Nguyen

Managing Director

Works in a commercial bank as an accountant and also an entrepreneur into Real estate and crypto


Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic

Investment Consultant.


Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic

Investment Consultant.

A mother of three Owner of a clothing store Also an entrepreneur into stock trading and Real estate



Olivia Wanderlust

Investment Analyst


Olivia Wanderlust

Investment Analyst

A father , A successful businessman , An entrepreneur, Stock analyst Crypto trader and investor



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Choose Your Plan

Tailored to suit your investment capability.


  • Minimum Amount: $50
  • Maximum Amount: $2,000
  • ROI: 8%
  • PERIOD: 48 Hours


  • Minimum Amount: $2,000
  • Maximum Amount: $5,000
  • ROI: 12%


  • Minimum Amount: $5,000
  • Maximum Amount: UNLIMITED
  • ROI: 15%

1 Month Long-Term Package

  • Minimum Amount: $500
  • Maximum Amount: $2,000
  • Profit: 10% Weekly
  • Duration: 30 Days

2 Months Long-Term Package

  • Minimum Amount: $2,000
  • Maximum Amount: $5,000
  • Profit: 20% Weekly
  • Duration: 60 Days
  • Referral Bonus: 10%

3 Months Long-Term Package

  • Minimum Amount: $5,000
  • Maximum Amount: Unlimited
  • Profit: 30% Weekly
  • Duration: 90 Days
  • Referral Bonus: 10%

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided few information and solution to commonly asked case. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the livechat.

Yes, you can, and this is what capitalassetinvestment.com does best. We can trade and churn out profit for you based on plan you are trading with us.
We are experts in the field of trading, and we’re willing to share our experience with you. Open an account with us and start trading right on this platform.
No, we assure you 100% trust on Forex and Crypto assets management.
We are available since 2018.

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